Emu Plains Market, Torquay Farmers Market, Torquay Cowrie Market & Flemington Craft Market

UntitledDespite the heat, we’ll be out and about this weekend. Hope to see you at one of these truly magnificent markets!

Chita & Oliver

Beckley Park, Mornington Craft Market & Williamstown Farmers Market

UntitledAs Christmas draws closer the markets get more and more exciting! With 19 days to go…the count down has definitely begun, yahoo!!!

Hope to see you at one of these fabulous markets

Chita & Oliver

Red Hill, Bundoora Park, Gisborne & Flemington

UntitledI love Christmas time, it’s so exciting & vibrant! And the Christmas markets don’t disappoint when it comes to finding unique,eclectic &fun gifts, perfect for the “person-who-has-everything” purchase.

Here are the contacts for the above markets:

Red Hill Craft Market 8am-1pm: http://www.craftmarkets.com.au/markets/red-hill.aspx

Bundoora Park Farmers Market 8am-1pm: http://www.rfm.net.au/market_detail.php?market_id=1

Gisborne Old Time Market 9am-2pm: http://www.gisborneoldetimemarket.org.au/

Flemington Farmers Market 9am-1pm: http://www.flemingtonfarmersmarket.com.au/

Hope to see you out & about,

Chita & Oliver

Mornington Twilight, Beckley Park, Flemington Farmers Market & Queenscliffe.

UntitledThe absolute BEST place to shop for Christmas gifts is the markets…and I speak from experience!

I’m almost finished with my Christams gift shopping, and 95% of all my gifts are from the Craft and Farmers Markets, such groovey items too; and useful!

These are the markets we’ll be at this weekend:

Beckley Park Market:http://www.geelongaustralia.com.au/directory/item/111683.aspx

Mornington Twilight Craft Market:http://www.craftmarkets.com.au/markets/mornington.aspx

Queenscliffe Community Market:https://www.facebook.com/Queenscliffe-Community-Market-172348282966868/

Flemington Farmers Market:http://www.flemingtonfarmersmarket.com.au/

Hope to see you at one of these fantastic markets

Chita & Oliver




Torquay, Bundoora, Mornington & Williamstown

UntitledGlorious weather to be enjoyed this weekend! 19 on Saturday and 24 on Sunday. We’ll go from happy gardens enjoying the rain to happy people enjoying the sunshine.

Here are the contact details for the above markets:

Torquay Farmers Market: https://www.facebook.com/Torquay-Farmers-Market-210452868981886/

Bundoora Farmers Market: http://www.rfm.net.au/market_detail.php?market_id=1

Mornington Craft Market: http://www.craftmarkets.com.au/markets/mornington.aspx

Williamstown Farmers Market: http://www.rfm.net.au/market_detail.php?market_id=69

Have a great weekend!

Chita & Oliver

Torquay, Beckley & Queenscliffe

UntitledThis Saturday we’ll be a beautiful 21 degree dayat Torquay Farmers Market and Beckley Park Market. Both markets start at 8am and finish at 1pm.


Sunday will be a warmer 27 degrees at Queenscliffe Community Market which runs from 9am – 2pm

Hope to see you out & about this weekend!

Chita & Oliver.




Red Hill, Bundoora, Gisborne & Flemington

UntitledPerfect Spring weather this weekend, 30 on Saturday and 26 on Sunday! Yay!

We hope to see you out and about enjoying the sun.

Red Hill Craft Market http://www.craftmarkets.com.au/markets/red-hill.aspx

Bundoora Farmers Market http://www.rfm.net.au/market_detail.php?market_id=1

Gisborne Old Time Market http://www.gisbornemarketonline.com.au/ (new website looks great!)

Flemmington Farmes Market http://www.flemingtonfarmersmarket.com.au/

Chita & Oliver




Queenscliffe, Torquay & Beckley

UntitledAnother great weekend in the great outdoors!

Two fabulous markets on Saturday,


And Sunday sees the start of the Queenscliffe Community Market season.

Consider your weekend organised!

Hope to see you there,

Chita & Oliver



Torquay, Beckley, Mornington & Williamstown

UntitledThe weather looks amazing this weekend! Perfect to be out & about, feasting your eyes on crafty delights, filling your fridge with Victorian produce, enjoying the sunshine…and munching a spring roll or 2!

The contact details for the specific markets are:

Torquay Farmers Market: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Torquay-Farmers-Market/210452868981886

Beckley Park Market: http://www.geelongaustralia.com.au/directory/item/111683.aspx

Mornington Racecourse Market: http://www.craftmarkets.com.au/markets/mornington.aspx

Williamstown Farmers Market: http://www.rfm.net.au/market_detail.php?market_id=69

Hope to see out this weekend!

Chita & Oliver



Bundoora, Beckley, Gisborne & Flemington

UntitledGreat Spring weather this weekend, 15 degrees on Saturday & a balmy 17 degrees on Sunday. Perfect for an outdoor adventure!

The contact details for each market are:

Bundoora: http://www.rfm.net.au/market_detail.php?market_id=1

Beckley: http://www.geelongaustralia.com.au/directory/item/111683.aspx

Gisborne: http://www.gisborneoldetimemarket.org.au/

Flemington: http://www.flemingtonfarmersmarket.com.au/

Oliver will be cooking up a new flavour at Gisborne this Sunday, Moroccan Chicken Breast. There has been some serious taste testing in the kitchen this week,,,got to make sure it’s done right – right?

Hope to see you this weekend

Chita & Oliver.