COOKING – How To Shallow Fry

Thanks for stopping in at our stall, we really appreciate you visiting. And now that you have your frozen spring rolls I’m going to show you how to shallow fry them. This method tastes the best, but it does create left over oil. If you strain your used oil into a glass jar you can use it one more time, either to cook spring rolls again, or in your regular recipes.

We hope to see you out & about at the markets again.


Pour about 1 cenitmetre of oil into a fry pan. Turn heat up to medium & wait for oil to heat up. When you place the spring rolls into the pan they should bubble away happily.

Before placing the spring rolls in the pan, wipe any ice crystals off them otherwise the oil will spit at you.

Quite often the spring roll form small cracks, this is due to the high moisture content from the vegetables inside, and is a regular occurence with such a large spring roll. 

After checking your oil is hot enough, (insert a wooden spoon, if the bubbles rise in a steady fashion it’s ready, if the bubbles go crazy, turn the heat down a bit). Always put the cracked side down first, and leave it in place for about 6-10 minutes.

Gently lift & peek at the underside, if it’s a deep golden colour, it’s ready to turn over. Make sure you do the sides as well. At least 5-6 minutes on each side.

Cook the ends as well.

Having a probe on hand is very helpful, especially when you’re cooking meat spring rolls. They should reach at least 77 degrees. 

You can pick up a probe from most supermarkets or department stores.

Here is the comparison between the shallow fried spring rolls on the left, and the oven baked spring rolls on the right.

Place your spring rolls on paper towel to drain, and change the paper out once or twice until you’re happy with the oil content left on the paper.