COOKING – How To Oven Bake

To get the best out of your take home spring rolls, we’ve put together this guide on how to go about it. Keep in mind it’s only a guide as different equipment produces slightly different results.

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Preheat your oven! The spring rolls must go into a hot oven, this seals the skin & holds the spring roll together.

Alternatively you can start the spring roll off in the frypan & transfer them to the oven once the skin is sealed or desired colour has been achieved.

We’ve heard great results being achieved in an air frier too.

Oil of your choice

Baste all over, make sure you line the tray with baking paper.

Into the HOT oven for the first 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes, TURN THE SPRING ROLLS OVER, and TURN THE OVEN DOWN. Cook for a further 15 minutes.

If this is your first time cooking spring rolls at home, don’t go too far away, its always best to keep an eye on them. The oil will smoke a bit in the oven.

After a total of 30 minutes in the oven, they’re done. Oven baked are not as tasty as the shallow fried version

Oven baked on the right, shallow fry on the left. You’ll notice oven baked are drier and will stay quite pale.

We recommend using a probe thermometer to check your work. Spring rolls should reach at least 77 degrees.