We are continually looking for new ways to keep our environmental footprint small, both in our business and at home. This includes the products we use to wash our equipment all the way through to the the products we serve our food in.

In the Giant Springs kitchen, all food scraps that are produced are composted.

When we go shopping we use reusable bags and plastic containers that get washed, sanitized and reused week after week so that we significantly reduce the amount of landfill that our business generates.


All plastic that gets brought into the kitchen gets collected, taken to our local supermarket, recycled by the Red Group and turned into outdoor furniture.

Our serving bags are all compostable.

We purchase green energy from Powershop, and our vehicle is with Greenfleet which offsets carbon emissions.

There will always be better, more efficient ways of running our business with regards to caring for the environment, and we will continually be on the lookout to make improvements.

Here are the businesses we use for our supplies:





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