14 thoughts on “Little Beauty Market – Twilight Saturday 5-10pm

    1. Good morning Louise,

      Thanks for your message. You’re quite correct, we didn’t get to set up for the evening, and it was totally our fault. Somehow we had miscommunication with the organisers & didn’t realise we weren’t suppose to be there. So we drove an hour and a half to Frankston only to turn around 7 go back. We were so upset but we can’t blame anyone but ourselves.

      I’m really sorry for posting incorrect information & I hope we didn’t mess you around as well!

      Have a lovely day Louise & I hope to see you out & about.

      Warm regards,

      1. Thank you for your reply, and yes you were missed! Are you at Emu Plains on the 16th December?
        Thanks Louise

    1. Hi Louise, yes we’ll be at Mornington on the 10th as well. If you’d like to order frozen spring rolls I can bring them along to any market you choose. We don’t have a shop as yet, one day perhaps…

      1. Hi Chita,

        That would be great if I could buy some frozen vegetarian spring rolls, that’s exciting, can you please let me know the cost.

        Thanks Louise

  1. HI Louise, yes you can order vege & chicken for Mornington this weekend. You can either order fresh spring rolls for $5 each, or you can purchase frozen spring rolls that were made last weekend for $4 each. They come in packs of 4 so you can mix them up how ever you like.
    Thanks, Chita

  2. Hi Chita,

    I will have to collect them at Emu Plains Market on the 16th Dec please.
    I would like a o buy 2 frozen chicken & 6 frozen vege please and I will buy 1 to eat too!
    Look forward to seeing you there!
    Thanks Louise

  3. Hi chita sorry me again are you definitely at mornington race course sunday 10 dec? If so i will collect the frozen ones as mention previously.. thanks louise

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