Emu Plains, Torquay Cowrie & Flemington Farmers Market


Both a happy & sad weekend ahead, happy that we get to go to Emu Plains & Torquay Cowrie Markets…but sad that these are the last ones for the season, both markets have a break over the colder months. But for now let’s focus on how great these 2 markets are right now and enjoy every last moment!

Emu Plains: http://www.emuplainsmarket.com.au/

Torquay Cowrie: https://www.facebook.com/torquaycowriemarket/

Another market that I adore visiting is the Flemington Farmers Market. This market is so well run & so much fun, & I always notice lots of happy people everywhere. The produce is always fresh, delicious & seasonal too.

Flemington farmers Market: http://www.flemingtonfarmersmarket.com.au/

Hope to see you out & about,

Chita & Oliver

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