Giant Springs at Gisborne Old Time Market

Sticker square


It’s going to be a beautiful Winter’s day in Gisborne this Sunday, perfect weather to bust out our stylish hats, gloves & scarves!

Back on the menu this Sunday is our truly delicious Roast Beef Spring Roll, we’ve been listening to the call for “Winter beef” and have answered it by seasoning and slow roasting our beef to tender perfection! Our other favourites will be there also: Peking Duck, Roast Pork Belly, Teriyaki Chicken & Classic Vegetarian, as well as our Gluten Free Rice Paper Rolls containing either Roast Chicken or Vegan filling.

The market runs from 9am – 2pm along the service roads of Aitken and Hamilton Streets and on Howey Reserve Gisborne.

To find out more about this fantastic market, hop onto their website








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