Festival of Live Art (FOLA)









FOLAWe’re really excited to be a part of this amazing, moving, intriguing & inspiring display of talent…right here in Melbourne!

Urban Street Food will be based at Arts House (North Melbourne Town Hall) Friday night 6-10pm, Saturday night 4-10pm and Sunday 11-4pm. We’ll have our delicious Spring Rolls on offer as well as our Gluten Free Fresh Rice Paper Roll, and rolling our for the first time…drum roll…Texan Slingers! Mini soft rolls filled with spicy Texan Pulled Pork and fresh crunchy coleslaw! Yum!

Take a look at the fun to be had:

Festival of Live Art (FOLA)

Presented by Arts House

Arts House will erupt into a giant four-day live art experience, animating every space with over 20 projects including one-off encounters, durational works, short performances, club nights and more.

The Festival of Live Art (FOLA) hits Melbourne for the first time in March, with performances, experiences and happenings that defy convention and put everything on the line to seduce, cajole and provoke.

Catch Game Show from Thursday, Sam Halmarack and the Miserablites (UK) from Friday, and don’t miss Saturday’s Live Art Dance Party. There’s more though – at North Melbourne Town Hall on Friday night and Saturday, over 15 live artists will animate every space, creating durational, one-off encounters, short performances, works in development, installations and general good times – all free! Come and explore, hang in the bar, see a show, watch a band and grab one or all of the experiences on offer. Plus you can continue well into the night at the FOLA club from 9.30pm at the Meat Market from Thursday to Saturday!

On Sunday head to the Meat Market – where you can come and go as you like between a ten-hour endurance printmaking performance complete with live bands (culminating in a human live branding) at Performprint; as well as The Long Table – a free-form discussion hosted by UK artist Lois Weaver. Short attention span? Never fear: on the hour, every hour are performances throughout Meat Market, North Melbourne Town Hall and the Warehouse which will keep your mind occupied.

Most events are free, with some ticketed performances. Drop by, catch a show and experience FOLA!”

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